Our group of YAGMs at the Zulu cultural village

Flights around the sphere

Friendships made along the way

To ventures unknown

Hello everyone!  Friday, August 24th, our group of eight Young Adults in Global Mission landed in Durban, South Africa.  We drove up the road to the north to Pietermaritzburg by a shuttle bus, when everybody in our group succeeded in falling asleep.  To say in the least, we were all in a state of bliss to have finally arrived.  The next ten days will be devoted to an intensive orientation before we head to our placement sites.  Our venture overseas went without a hitch.  We all received our own luggage in Durban, which was a very nice ending to our multiple day trip.

As this was the first day of orientation, our coordinator wanted to do some light cultural immersion activities.  We spent the day at a Zulu cultural village just to the north of “Maritzburg”.  When we arrived, we were greeted by a gathering of people who were eager to take our group through the village.  We enjoyed some dancing, food and drink while in the village.  Although, the highlight of the day was seeing how the Zulu people have historically reared and taken care of their cattle.  To the Zulus, cattle is a main way of acquiring wealth.  Much of Zulu life, as was my impression, revolves around cattle ranching.   We had a great amount of fun while in the village!

It is just so nice to be here.  On Monday, September 3rd, I will be heading up north to Masealama, Limpopo.  I have learned that I will be spending most of my time with children while in Masealama!  I will keep you all posted as to how things go in the near future.  Pardon this bland post…I will try to make future posts will be more entertaining!  That’s all for now!


Countryside around Pietermaritzburg