Pt. 1 – Good Morning! (A fresh start)

     Streaming through the beige window curtain            
     The sun’s glimmer holds a hopeful gaze
     Upon the day at hand that is certain
     To accompany my blissful sleepy daze

     Though the day is alight
     My body yearns for dreams of old
     Still connected to the starry night 
     As the air clings to the midnight cold

     Each eyelid is ever shy to wake
     Rising from my bed is too much toil
     And fleeting dreams are hard to shake
     Where woken thoughts are a bitter foil

     Step by step I set to make tea
     I gaze to view the outside
     When wondrous sight I see
     Is the sun’s glistening pride!

     After weeks of wind and rain
     Today brings a new beat
     Our sun now shines without refrain
     Shining warmly upon my white feet

     Off to a distance children play
     I ponder the game when they see me
     Where I am contented to stay
     Oh! Ten Sepedi children filled with glee!

      The children call out my name
      Easing the sleep that makes me coy
      Bringing me into today’s new game
      Which injects the morning with deep joy

      Beginning the day anew
      Shares a gift of unknowable grace
      Starting afresh without askew
      For me to find a unique pace

      Morning is a time where one may choose
      A day’s untellable direction
      Taken a new start we can never lose
      And is with us with conviction

      At such an hour
      One idea that dawns on a day
      Provides life agreat power:
      A grace that is here to stay