Daylight presses on
Now a ways from dawn
Cool dark of night before
Is long forgotten evermore

Morning cool turned to midday sun
Eyes are wakened and the sleep is done
Mind’s thoughts have lost their dreamy state
And warmed to the new day’s slate

Breakfast at the crèche is past
Left behind is a slimy porridge blast
Clean-up time is just begun
Another child to clean up, oh what fun!

Open time is an ultimate dream
For one child’s pleasure is another’s scream
Chaos is the day’s game
Where no one is to blame

Some sit in the sand
Others find what fun may demand
Some get hurt, while others laugh
A wide spectrum on the emotional graph

As I gaze across the ground
What greets my ear is many a sound
Chatter from the teacher’s place
To obnoxious laughs from a great chase

I am left to choose what to do
Of which, I have no clue…
Some days I play
While others I stay

Left to my thought on what this is
Simply are children left to their devices
To find happiness, attention, and to play
At the crèche, this is midday