Time ticks on with an unending flow
As the river of life gushes a continuous stream
Life creeps along as a hazy dream
With a bright luminescent glow

Tick and tock, and tick and tock…
Here and there, and here and there

Between dream and reality lays a thin divide
Bending and molding with a creative soul
A spirit that binds us from pole to pole
Of where there is no separate side

Tick and tock, and tick and tock…
Can you hear it?

An afternoon sun moves without remorse
Down, down, down to a place deep inside
Finding a space where I must decide
To see a human as a human without force

Tick and tock, and tick and tock…
Can you feel it?

Touching and smelling and laughing and crying
One spirit to take, to bind, and to hold
Where differences are not so bold
And where there is a love that keeps on, keeps, on, keeps on supplying

Tick and tock, and tick and tock…
Can you breathe it?

Outer difference hides the spirit diamond that rests
Inside thick, rocky layers of assumption
Oh, let me take a love of sweat and work, to pick away the rocks of presumption
And find the place where the true person lies, who over prejudice bests

Tick and tock, and tick and tock…
Can you find it?

Weekly Update:

Monday, November 19 – Traveled to Soweto to meet up with fellow YAGM volunteers, Kyle, and Jen.

Tuesday, November 20 – Spent the day around Soweto township exploring the sights and sounds around town. Delivered shoe boxes to children at the Central Diocese office, where Kyle works.

Wednesday, November 21 – Hopped on a bus at Park Station in central Johannesburg to travel six hours to Pietermaritzburg (PMB), Kwa-Zulu Natal (KZN).

Thursday, November 22 – Spent day in Pietermaritzburg talking and cooking our delicious, multi-course, Thanksgiving dinner. Delicious!

Friday, November 23 – Traveled by bus to the Amphitheater trail of the Drakensburg mountains in KZN, near Lesotho.

Saturday, November 24 – Hiked and visited a village in northeastern Lesotho.

Sunday, November 25 – Returned to PMB and met with Philip Knutson, ELCA’s representative and coordinator of all ELCA personnel in Southern Africa.

Monday, November 26 – Spent the day in PMB deep in conversation with Philip Knutson, and amongst our YAGM group.

Tuesday, November 27 – Traveled to Soweto, Gauteng.


Above is a trailer of one of the most powerful documentaries I have ever seen. “Amandla” is a unique insight to how music was a means of fighting against the oppression of apartheid in South Africa. Go check it out!