A thousand little faces look up from below
With their mental cups nearing capacity
Filled to the brim
To seek, to learn and to come close to me

Alight with curiosity
With the white person
To see how my skin and hair feel
Or how I react when I’m pinched

I am not fond of the pinching
But it is the kids’ way to say
“Haha! Come and get me now!”
So, I join the game and give chase

The little ones especially just want a place
To be comforted
By being held
Or to blow a snot-kiss across my sleeve

Scavenging piggybacks
Or sitting on my feet
Or shedding tears on my shoulder
Are ways to seek refuge from the big world

I am comforted
When the babies and toddlers
Crawl and teeter and totter
Over to where I stand to hug my legs

Or when I see a baby graduate to toddlerhood
When they take their first steps
Or when I hear them talk for the first time
And they babble on and on

There are a thousand little moments
That fill the chambers of my heart
And a thousand little moments
That make me feel giddy and bubbly all over